Monday, March 30, 2009


It feels almost anti-climactic, sitting here on the stoop at nearly 7 am. We’ve been active since 4:30 -- I’ve been up since 3.

I sit here waiting for one of the workers to bring back the bike that I am pretty sure he was trying to surreptitiously hijack during the commotion of preparation.

Ain’t happening. I’m ON the ball.

I made the dosed milk this morning, careful to pay attention even by flashlight to which cup was destined for which chimp.

As we entered the depot, the chimps were groggy, but happy to see us. Curled up together, it felt mean to disturb them!

But at nearly 5 am, it was really time to get the day started.

Our boatman hadn’t arrived yet, but we dosed the chimps one by one and played with them a little before they got sleepy. We checked too to make sure they didn’t respond poorly to the Valium.

Everything seeped copacetic, but the boatman was still not here, nor was one of the caregivers or our two other employees.

Finally, at nearly a quarter of 6, they showed up but we’d already sent the chimps along to make sure that they’d cross the river under cover of night. Or at least very very early morning.

Still small, it wasn’t necessary to cage them for the river crossing -- and it was much easier to carry them down to the beach not in cages.

We also sent along all of our luggage -- nothing is more suspicious than a bunch of whiteys heading down to the beach with luggage!

Now it’s finally light out -- Adam is at the airfield with the chimps, who are hopefully sedate(d)!!

I’ve just got my computer and purse left to take down to the airfield. Plus, we’ve got 3.5 hours left to wait for the plane! But, with luck, it’ll come early!

We’re nearly there! Nearly nearly nearly!

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