Saturday, March 14, 2009

In Its Clutches

Not wanting to jinx it, reporting it here, but we (95%) have a flight now, and are on the countdown clock of preparation for flying the chimps to Lwiro.

I guess it just goes to show what friendship and persistence can do for you!

Congo hasn’t finished with us, of course. Yesterday the new new Minister of the Environment came by, intent on bullying us for money and further registration of the chimps.

I let him know that not only had we registered the chimps legitimately with the previous Minister, but we had already gotten permission for the transfer from ICCN, a national governing body of wildlife in Congo.

Though thankfully, my contacts at ICCN assure me that we’ve already got everything we need, and shame on this guy for trying to prevent conservation efforts in Congo.

I’m assuming it’s just a further attempt to finagle money from us, but it’s so frustrating when, to think, had this guy waited a month, it’d be too late to try and Document us to death!

Additionally, the malaria Adam had last week either didn’t fully subside or he’s gotten another case of malaria in just the next week after his third case.

I’m worried about him, because his fever doesn’t seem to be responding as quickly to the Artemod we’ve given him, and wouldn’t it just figure that he’d get sick right before it’s time to leave!

The overall feeling, too, is that it really is time to go.

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