Monday, March 16, 2009

Sorcery! (Sorcerah?)

Sadly, the boy across the street, Prince, who helps around the house and is one of Adam’s star pupils in the advanced karate class, fell off his bike, and didn’t go to the hospital, and has spent 3 nights crying in pain.

Although it’s pretty common to have kids helping out around here and not get paid, I figured if it’d mean that Prince would go to the hospital and get some real medical treatment, I’d give him some money for the work he’s done around the house for us.

Because he was also in too much pain to walk, we sent him to the hospital on the back of our moto -- poor kid, Adam ended up picking him up and gingerly placing him on the back, while silent tears streamed down his face.

It’s become therefore surprising that his family has taken him from the hospital, convinced that he’s crying not because he broke his arm and it’s not splinted or casted, but because the man whose house he hit with a stick has cast an evil spell upon him.

I’m told too that this man has “killed many people” and is very evil.

I’ve probably had my fill of rushing to judgment, and throwing stones from glass houses, but what baffles me extremely is that otherwise rational and clear-headed people can look me in the eye, completely convinced that Prince suffers because of sorcery.

And it’s not the kind of situation where you can reply to this person, “that’s crazy! There’s no such thing!” because there’s a kid, suffering, and the more important task is just getting him medical help so he can get better.

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