Monday, March 2, 2009

Field Journal - Day Seventeen

Membulu Village

Last night in Membulu, left with nothing but my own thoughts and the stars.

The tent feels huge without Adam in it -- but all I can think about is Souza, and what in the hell went wrong.. Seba arrived today with more sample tubes and a note from Adam with some peanut candy (the sweetest gesture!), a boot-licking note from our extortive “friend” the official, and a note from Polycarpe, woefully relaying to me of Souza’s demise.

I know Kisanola also had a terrible diarrhea at the beginning of the sanctuary here and died, but Souza had seemed so health and well on his way to being saved -- one of the main reasons I finally chose to leave and impart him to the care of Djodjo’s capable hands.

I have no one to ask for answers... no one to talk to here at all, really...

I can only wait for the muddy return tomorrow.

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