Friday, March 6, 2009

Looking forward to going to Uganda

Since we are done with our forest trip and having the bulk of our research finished, I am looking forward to leaving Congo and spending some time in Entebe(sp). The only thing is the difficulty of obtaining a private flight to come here and take us and the chimps to the Lwiro Sanctuary in Bukavu. I thought it would be much easier but we still don't have a flight date. It is also frustrating since there are people that I would expect to put the chimps first, and they are not. They are putting money first, which makes me sick, angry and sad.

On a better note, I went to the sanctuary today and saw the chimps and got to play with them. They are all healthy and doing well. They were also very happy to see me again, which makes me happy. Cathy is still as rambunctious as ever and still very good natured. Bolungua and Jango still compete with her for my attention when I am there. Jango still likes to cuddle and hug for a spell from time to time. Aketi still likes to go off and do his own exploring of the world and Mange still is a little neurotic but is doing more things with the other chimps, which is great. I plan on going to the sanctuary almost everyday so they can become more accustomed to me. That will make their flight to Bukavu a lot easier. I will right again soon.

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