Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fresh and Clean

I’ll never know what about the rain here makes me feel so new and refreshed, but negativity seems washed away.

We walked back from the market early this morning, with a huge bundle of poondoo in my hands and Adam with a pineapple and some generator gas. The sky was black as night, and we scurried back to avoid the impending huge rainstorm.

Polycarpe often laughs that Lingala is a “poor” language (with a lot of words absent or just stolen from other languages), but I think it might just be that there isn’t a whole lot to talk about when it rains or doesn’t, or you’re having poondoo or beans for dinner.

But the street conversation is indeed hilarious.

Running back with my huge bushel of poondoo, here are some things I heard:

“Hey, you have poondoo!”

“Are you going to eat that poondoo?”

“Is that poondoo for eating?”

Really, I can’t imagine what else we’d do for it! But it’s sort of fun, still to be able to say “We are going to eat this poondoo tonight” in Lingala, even if I have to say it 40 times in a single trip back from the market!

We found a puppy before the rainstorm, and have taken him in and named him “Happy”

It’s nice to have something to focus on that isn’t work, sometimes!

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