Monday, October 6, 2008

Waiting and More Waiting

It’s definitely better than the last time I was waiting in Addis Ababa, but even in the Cloud Nine Lounge, time is inching by.

We keep checking the Departure Board, and our flight vacillates between going directly to Kinshasa and stopping at Brazzaville (Republic of Congo - the other Congo) first. Either way, we should get to Kinshasa at about 1.

Thank goodness for my preparedness -- I had not one but several adapters that would work with these British plugs in Addis Ababa. (Extra features mean added value)

So both Adam and I could plug in our laptops and entertain ourselves for the first 4 hours of waiting -- he with Techmo Superbowl and me with Shawshank Redemption.

But the hours creep on, and I can’t help but wish we were already in Aketi, getting ready to unpack, having a beer with Cleve and finally exhaling the last bit of breath I’ve been storing up for an emergency these last few weeks.

Will our luggage be there when we arrive in Kinshasa? Will our ride?

...Questions only time can answer...

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