Monday, October 6, 2008

Aye Aye Ababa


Aye Aye Ababa

We have completed our first leg of the trip and we are now in Addis Ababa. The flight here from Dulles wasn't bad and seemed shorter than expected, to me at least. The food was decent, the people were nice. There was an arrogant business man who tried to con his way to business class. They didn't let him and he had to sit in coach. When we finally got here, it was different.

After getting our transit visas from a line that was a million years long, we were about to leave and go to the hotel that was being provided for us by Ethiopian Airlines. As we are about to leave, customs wanted to know what we had in our carry-on. We said two laptops and a projector. They wanted us to check in our LCD projector with them and pick it up in the morning. We were like f**k that. We did want to lose it to customs. Even though they guaranteed a safe return, Laura knew enough to know that isn't wise.

So we are spending the night in the lounge at the airport. The lounge is cool though, there is free food, stale but free, free beer and free Internet. I was able to gchat with my friends Johnny and Charlie Shryock. I also was able to send an email to people, telling them we are okay. I checked football scores (Redskins come from behind victory was sweet) and find out my fantasy football team fell apart this week. All-in-all, it's good. We are now waiting for our flight to Kinshasa, which will take off in eight hours. I can't wait to get to Aketi and finish traveling. We are watching Shawshank Redemption now. I will write again soon, once we have Internet again. Write to you later.

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