Saturday, October 18, 2008

WOW!!!!!!! Man we have had such an “adventure”. First we have had a five day ride from Kisangani to Buta to Aketi. The ride left us very tired and sore. We did rest in Buta for a couple of days, leaving the entire time of the trip to be 7 or 8 days. Its hard to keep track of time. During the journey though, we got to see the people who live in the country side of Congo and the jungle. Almost everyone we met was very friendly. It was because they wanted money or they were amazed to see white people. There was a lot of mud. Also everything we owned got soaking wet. There were many times when the motorcycles would break down and we would have to wait for the drivers to fix them.

A couple of times we stopped on the side of the road and slept in the tent. The first stop after the first day was so nice. Especially after the first day of riding on a motorcycle on bad road and having my balls smashed against the seat. Laura and I took a bath by pouring cold water on ourselves and it felt so good. The second night we slept in a mud hut. Supposedly it was a hotel. It was also raining all the time and it was so muddy.

All of this can could have been avoided if people would have paid attention and gotten us on a plane from the UN that was going from Kisangani to Aketi and had nine empty seats.

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