Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cash Money, Hoes

There’s nothing like carrying a fat stack of cash around. No, but really, one of the tough things about going somewhere remote is that it’s difficult to get money, so you try to bring as much as you can to begin with.

You have to remember too that no one in Congo will take bills that were printed before 2001 in some places, 2004 in others. No rips, no tears, no stains. I remember vividly having a small-headed $10 bill in Goma that I attempted to spend for 6 months before giving up. It was one of my great joys to buy things with that $10 when I got back to the States!

We’re in the bank, it’s Saturday, and now we need to withdraw $5000, in cash, in bills no older than 2004.

...You can imagine how long this took. We ended up having to take mostly 20s too, which was sort of annoying. Nothing says “Rob Me” like a fatty bulge in your wallet.

But it was done! We has money. Hidden.


laurenlief said...

THAT is the craziest photo ever. You have pimp-hand, for real!

Laura Darby said...

Lol. That's a Pimp Named Silverback to you ;)