Monday, October 20, 2008

Internet and Logistics

Adam and Cleve and I currently connect to the internet using a Inmarsat BGAN - a tool I’ve mentioned several times previously that connects us via a satellite. It is indeed inordinately expensive -- and we’re currently capped at 100 MB per month. It’s probably the amount I might use the internet in 2 days in the US, but I have to mete out my usage extremely.

The Wasmoeth Wildlife Foundation has been very generous additionally by offering to give us that 100MB a month, in addition to the use of the BGAN so we want to make the most of it.

Uploading photos and downloading emails and posting blog entries for a week takes about 15 MB, so Adam and I have decided that we’ll use the BGAN every Sunday and not really in between. Blog entries will still be staggered and will reflect the time they were written, not posted, but there will only be updates on Sunday.

I also had to get a new cellphone SIM card because there are no Vodacom towers in Aketi. So here is my new number:


We’re 6 hours ahead of the East Coast, too.

Remember please not to send me huge emails, because I just simply won’t download them.

Anyway, see you all on Sunday!

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