Wednesday, October 1, 2008

3 Days Left

It is OFFICIALLY October!! Oh my! It means, as October 1st, that we officially have only THREE days left.

Adam and I are so ready, mentally, to go. The stress of feeling like you’re constantly running in place -- getting things done but not actually going forward or more literally, going anywhere, is exhausting! We’re down to the final wire.

And we’ve got tons of boxes! Not for storage (storage is already mostly done) but of things from AMAZON.COM -- home of Everything™. It is also currently the home of Free Express Shipping since a friend who ordered Amazon Prime by accident shared it with me by blessing me with FakeWifedom. As his fake wife, I get two day shipping -- Free! Frrrreeee!

We’ve gotten our GPS, bus-powered speakers, compass, books in French for officials, and my dad just got us the Flip Video mino.

It feels a bit like Christmas -- my wallet definitely feels like it’s Christmas.

My mom got us an extra laptop -- tiny and linux’ed but completely perfect and did I mention tiny? You can check that out here.

Adam was astonished by how small the ship-to box was! It does look admittedly a bit silly in his arms.

Things left to do:

Cancel gym membership
Give Away Furniture on Craigslist Free (Salvation Army takes too long to pick up)
See if we can afford International SOS.

Okay, once again after midnight, working on things for the trip and getting silly. Definitely time to sleep.

One thing I will NOT miss, though, that's arrived with October -- THE COLD!! BRRRR!

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