Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Last Day

Thanks go to Jesse for driving us to Dulles and giving us his attention and peace and quiet on our final day.

I was really extremely proud of us. Because of all the extremely taxing and annoying work we did ahead of time, when Saturday rolled around, we were pretty much done. Nothing to buy, nothing to pack, nothing to fetch. We went to the post office, made some calls, and bought money-pouches for our fat stacks of cash.

Jesse also has an extremely big and lovely jacuzzi bathtub (under a skylight) so I took my last hot bath in a while. It was wasteful and luxurious and I loved it. Even when I was totally overheated, I didn’t want to get out.

Adam took a shower, and I took a nap. Everything was set and we didn’t have to rush or worry. It was fantastic.

We all ate together at Panera (as good a last American meal as any). A great way to start a journey.

We could barely stay awake on the drive, despite the nap. I hope that means we’ll be able to sleep on the plane!

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