Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ibiza at Midnight

Kinshasa is a huge, vibrant city, and one would think that, considering the number of expatriates here that the ensuing synthesis of cultures would make for incredible fun.  And sometimes, as with the integrated salsa culture here, it does!

We spent part of Friday night at Ibiza Jazz Club, a smokey and small club in downtown Kinshasa that is apparently ONLY open on Fridays nights.  What they do with the venue during the rest of the week, I don't know, but it definitely explains why a Gin & Tonic is $15.

Ibiza was packed, though, and filled with excitement and energy as people grooved, transfixed to the beat.  There was a curly-haired expat saxophonist and an older expat guitarist (who was AMAZiNG), and they came and went, as other musicians pinch hit.  The conga drummer, a burly guy, looked enraptured, leaning his head back as shook all over with the fervor of the music.

A mix of Latin music, scat, African -- every type of music flowed through Ibiza on Friday night.  It felt a bit like a movie speakeasy, with the requisite hipsters, hair slicked back and sunglasses indoors, sprawled on the curved couch with a foxy lady on either side of them.

There was proper salsa-style dancing at the end of the night, as the huge crowds trickled away and left some space on the dance floor for movement. A good night, and a lovely presentation of Congolese nightlife.

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