Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Visa.... Can't leave home without it

Well yesterday was an adventure to say the least.

I was trying to get our visas yesterday in downtown DC. After getting everything together, I hopped on the metro for the embassy. The website I looked at said it was at 1800 New Hampshire Ave NW. I got there only to find the building empty and abandoned. WTF!!!

I went to a hotel half a block away and they said they were located at 17th and M st. So I walked there and tried to find the embassy. But I couldn't seem to find it, so I went to the National Geographic Museum nearby. I asked them "Where is the Embassy of Democratic Republic of Congo?"

They told me that the embassy moved to 16th and Colorado, like 40 blocks away. I took a cab there and discovered that the embassy was the Embassy of the Republic of Congo, not the Democratic Republic of Congo.

So I called the number that Laura gave me, which was the number for the Democratic Republic of Congo Embassy. They said they were going to close in like 20 minutes but that they would wait for me. I took the cab to the address they gave me, which was a half-a-block away from where I was before at 17th and M.

I got there and gave them the paperwork. They said for payment they only take money orders. So I ran 2 blocks to a liquor store. I tried to pay for the money orders with Laura's check card, but they said they only took cash!!!!!

I ran another block to an ATM and withdrew $190 for the money order. I ran to the liquor store, then to the embassy. When I got there the guy told me to relax and that he was waiting for me. He then told me that I have enough money for one person, not two. He says he will wait for me while I get another money order.

I go to the ATM, then the liquor store again and get the second money order. After that, I head to my friend's house, tired and sweaty, to play some D&D. How exhausting!

We should find out about our visa status tomorrow!


Austin said...

The embassy would only take money orders? WTF that blows. I think you and Laura need to form a new Congo. Just called "Of the Congo"


Laura Darby said...

We'd have to position our embassy very carefully in DC -- just far enough away so that people looking for one of the OTHER two Congos would have to take cabs between the three instead of being able to walk.