Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pitching a Tent (no, really)

As some of you may remember, some time ago Adam and I were considering what kinds of tent to bring with us.

I’d had bad memories, remembering struggling to erect a metal-pole tent when I was camping in the Pacific Northwest. If I love my technology so much, why can’t I have a technological tent?

We did indeed decide to go with the Nemo Morpho AR tent -- revolutionary for its LACK of metal tent poles, opting instead for very sturdy, durable air-poles. That’s right -- tent poles made from AIR!

(I swear, we’re living in the future!)

Not wanting to be behind the times, or caught unawares, while we were over at Shimin’s house putting things in her fabulous basement, she offered us her front yard in which to pitch our not-so-proverbial tent.

A good indicator of the field it was! I sat in a mushroom and browned my pants. We stirred up some sort of hungry, bloodthirsty colony of mosquitos. And Adam almost stepped in deer poop.

But the tent worked great! Not only can it be inflated and deflated from the outside, but it can be inflated and deflated from the inside too!!

Oh no! Trapped inside after foolishly over-deflating!

Adam bravely comes to my rescue.

It’s a two person tent, but we all three sat inside quite comfortably! (though it was very hot)

We're all so green!!

...JUNGLE green!

Adam looks especially cute while he’s pumping it up!

Sadly, picture instead of video fails to capture the booty shake he did inadvertently while pumping up the tent poles.

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