Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Swimming in the Congo River


Anonymous said...

What was the temperature of the water in fahrenheit? How did you know there were not crocodiles in the water?

Are there any water borne diseases in this river? Does the water smell fresh or is it foul-smelling?

Laura Darby said...

There's probably Bilharzia in the more stagnant areas. I didn't know if there would be crocodiles, honestly. Usually when they're nearby people know about it, so I just trusted the guys who lived along the periphery of the river to tell me if there had been sightings. They've been pretty hunted out nearer to Kinshasa, where I was. Further north you could not pay me to get into the river.

I don't remember it smelling bad. It was such a hot day that it was just really refreshing!