Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crossing the Border (and our fingers)

After talking to Lauren, I feel like I should give additional information for the worry-ers.

Even though we got our passports back after being sold FAKE visas in Buta, we might still have problems in the country.

We’re on a speedboat across Lake Kivu this morning to Goma. Don will meet us at the boat docks -- he works with the US Embassy in addition to being a friend, so it’s the best of both worlds.

We’re crossing the border in Rwanda this afternoon, and hopefully our problems will be over. There will still be problems in Aketi even after we cross over, but we’ll be in a better position to help remedy them once we’re free of the country.

My phone should still work, and I think we’ll have internet at the Kivu Sun hotel in Gisenyi, Rwanda.

On Thursday or Friday, we’ll start the long trek through southwestern Uganda to Entebbe. And from there it’s cake!

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